Friday, July 15, 2011

Who Knew?

Who knew my cooking slump would be eased by my 4 year old? He has suddenly become enamored with the idea of "making things" as he calls it. Last time we went to the library, he begged me to get him a cookbook. We found this cute kids' book above. He poured through the pages countless times, pointing out things he wanted to make. We've tried two of the recipes so far. It has been tons of fun seeing him light up about this and seeing his determination to do it! It has also been fun just spending time with him in the kitchen making food together.

Plus, this cookbook really is good. Both things we've made so far, pineapple coconut ice treats and oat bars, have been delicious! I'm finding myself hoping he grows up to be a gourmet chef and then lives in the same town as me so I can benefit from his skills!

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Lindsay said...

The Williams Sonoma Kids Cookbook is really awesome as well. The recipes in there are great as well, and most of the time I even have the ingredients. :) The homemade pizza is the best in that cookbook as well. The kids cookbook got me into cooking finally!