Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cold Showers

Here is a nightmare tale for all of you out there who might describe yourself as "the hostess with the mostess." We have been without hot water for a week because our tankless water heater quit working. Cold showers aren't fun, but the worst part is that it broke 2 days before we were due to have company staying at our house for four days. We called in plumbers but they couldn't fix it! (But I still paid a $200 bill...yes, I am slightly irritated about that.) I was so embarrassed to have to tell our dear sweet friends whom we visit with very rarely that we had no hot water in our house. They were so gracious about it, claiming that the Texas heat was so intense they preferred cold showers anyway...but seriously, I felt awful about it. Providing guests with warm showers and baths is one of the most basic forms of etiquette. But instead we were hosing off all the children in the heat of the yard with soap and a garden sprayer.

Cody has ordered a new tankless water heater which should arrive soon and hopefully solve the problem. But until then, showering will continue to be a rather shocking activity. The first few minutes are awful, but after that it is refreshing...kind of.

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Christina said...

Oh no :(... I hate to hear this! Eeeek! That is definitely something I take for granted... everyday!