Saturday, August 20, 2011


I've been studying a lot lately about solitude, silence, and prayer. And I am very much looking forward to a silent retreat in the near future. Because of these things, and a handful of other reasons, I will not be blogging or reading blogs for at least a month, perhaps longer. To tell the truth, I am welcoming this change of pace. I figure one of the best ways for me to practice silence right now is to, silent. Imagine that! I can't even describe what silence is coming to mean to me, how deeply it is affecting my life, because to do so would in some ways break that silence. I encourage everyone to pause and reflect on silence for a while. What is it? What is its value? How can it impact our lives or draw us closer to God? For me, at this time in my life, silence is a path I feel called to explore. I'm learning it means more than just using less words per day...for me it is about giving up the desire or need to be heard. I like imagery that paints words as sacred, not meant to be easily thrown about. And also imagery that depicts the spirit within as a fire to be protected, a fire that can diminish when the mouth is too open and eager to share and reveal with too many. I feel like protecting my inner fire for a while.

P.s. For those who only read my blog to see photos of their grandkids, don't worry! I'll send you pics in emails. I'm still around...I'm just keeping my thoughts to myself for a change.


Elaine said...

Good luck with this journey. I have never done a retreat or been methodical about silence but I do relish the times when I am able to be silent for hours. I've also been practicing holding my tongue at work, which is not the same thing, but takes a lot of discipline :)

Becky said...

I will miss reading your blog. Will look forward to your return. May you learn and thrive in the experience.

belinda said...

it's been a month! i'm anxious to hear feedback. we've missed you.