Monday, September 26, 2011


I've taken quite a long break from recording my thoughts and feelings here. And it has been a very good thing. I've learned a lot about myself over the past month, and most of it I'll never be able to share with the world at large in this setting.

But, I will share a moving experience I had this weekend as I attended a charity fundraiser dinner and was fortunate to hear Ron Hall and Denver Moore, authors of Same Kind of Different as Me, speak. The entire evening was about redemption. Over and over the theme echoed that the very worst problems, situations, and attitudes can be overcome with only one thing: love.

The problem is that we are stingy with love. We often have selfish motivations and desires that prevent us from truly acting in the best interest of others. I'm speaking for myself here, because I know this is true in my own life. I have come to believe that the only way to live in love is to tune our hearts to God's love for us. Otherwise we scramble around trying to get our needs met by the people around us and anger, greed, and selfishness lead us.

A quote from Ron Hall, "The Samaritan didn't ask what will happen to me if I stop to help this person, but what will happen to this person if I don't stop to help."

I think that is an excellent way to approach life and all our actions.

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