Monday, September 26, 2011

Favorite Music

Several years ago I bought this CD after a joint worship service with another church. Their song leader led a song that I really liked, and a search online revealed it to be "Take My Life" by Scott Underwood. I bought the CD and listened only to that one song. None of the other songs appealed to me much.

Just recently I was going on a long drive and grabbed this CD for an unknown reason. I popped it in and song after song melted my heart. Every single was unbelievable. Especially since I recalled not caring too much for these songs a few years ago. The music, the words, it all seemed directed right at me, as if each song were prepared to reach into my spirit.

I was even moved to tears several times. Now this CD holds a special place in my heart.
Here is just one example of these wonderful songs...though the words alone aren't as powerful as when combined with the music.

You Are In Control

You are my shepherd
I have no needs
You lead me
by peaceful streams
And You refresh my life

You hold my hand
And You guide
my steps
I could walk
through the valley of death
And I won’t be afraid

Because You are in control
You are in control (3X)

You cause everything to work together
You truly have a sovereign plan
And You know who I am
And You made who I am
And You love who I am

Because You are in control
You are in control (3X)

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