Sunday, October 16, 2011


So, our neighbor called yesterday to tell Cody she saw a mountain lion in her yard. We were intrigued, but somewhat doubtful. We were just about to head to the back patio to take some photos of the crocheted shawl I had just finished, so after the brief photo shoot Cody walked to the back of the yard to look around. He suddenly came running back to me and shouted for me to give him the camera. Just then, I saw a huge cat leap into our yard. Cody ran back down to take pictures and left me wondering if this big cat might be dangerous.

Here it is just before it easily and casually jumped the fence (as if it were a few inches tall) into our neighbor's yard.
It started to run from Cody after jumping the fence.
But it did stop to look back before heading toward the creek again.
Our neighbor still thinks it was a mountain lion, but after looking at the pictures and showing them around we've determined it to be a bobcat. The spots and half tail are the evidence. Though I don't think of a bobcat as much less menacing than a mountain lion. Both have sharp teeth and eat meat. I'm a bit wary now about letting the kids play in the yard.

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