Saturday, October 15, 2011

What I've Been Up To

It happens almost every fall. I suddenly get the urge to crochet something. Sometimes it's an afghan or baby hats...this year it has been scarves. Scarves in every shape, color and size. Here is a pile o' scarves. I even hosted a learn to crochet party about a month ago and taught some of my friends how to crochet a scarf. Scarves are the ultimate crochet project: simple, fast, requiring little to no thought or stitch counting.

But, after making a zillion scarves, I searched the web for something a little more tricky...and elegant. I found a free pattern for the Elegant Simplicity Shawl on the Lion Brand website and got to work. Actually, I tried two other patterns before it and failed miserably! I could not get them to work right at all and gave up in disgust. Then, I found the elegant simplicity shawl and life got much better.
It can dress up or down and goes especially well with bright purple running shirts, don't you think?
And then right after these photos were taken, a bobcat ran into our yard. I'm not kidding! The camera was already out so we got some pics of the huge cat as it casually leaped over our fence into the neighbor's yard. Guess that will be the next blog post.


Lauren C. said...

Love them! I'd like to add a handmade scarf to my Christmas list :)

Rachel said...

Love that one! Beautiful. Can't believe there was a bobcat in your back yard...while you were out there. Crazy.