Sunday, October 23, 2011

He Did It!

Cody started running regularly about 7 months ago. I encouraged him to take on a half marathon about 6 weeks ago and even made out a little training calendar for him to follow. He has excelled at running and did great in his half. The race was called 13.1 Dallas. They have other races in cities around the US and this was the first time they had one in Dallas. It was a beautiful course featuring some of the best the city has to offer: the Arts District, Katy Trail, other parks, and some fancy neighborhoods. The kids and I drove down for the end of the race and found the perfect spot to stand and cheer.

The kids went wild when they saw Cody come around the corner. Most of my photos were too blurry. I guess he was running too fast. I'm not even kidding! He finished in 1:50:57 which is a fabulous time. I was impressed!
After the race, we milled about the area and found the Kid's Corner. There was an incredible face painter there. Not only did she do these great designs on the kids, but she did them quickly. Fast, and good, and cheap (free) is not something you often find.

One of the best things about this half marathon was that it benefited World Vision, a group I love to support. Ever since I read The Hole in Our Gospel a couple of years ago, I have had a commitment to help the desperately poor in Africa through this worthy organization. So it was a total bonus that Cody's first half marathon happened to raise money for a good cause we love!

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belinda said...

you're right - the face painting is great! it looks like they have masks on.