Monday, October 24, 2011


Our local high school puts on the best parade every year at Homecoming. The kids talk about it all year long because it's one of the highlights of their year. It's a huge production, lasting almost a full hour and tossing about 4 million pounds of candy to the wide-eyed children lining the street.

So what makes a great parade? Well, I can't mention every single aspect, but here are a few:

Older women with knock-out legs!
These women were fabulous dancers, and though they aren't spring chickens, look at those killer legs! If I have legs like that in a decade or two (or three) I will be mighty happy about it.

Fire trucks
Who doesn't appreciate a fire truck up close and personal? Just lay off the blasting horn next time, was a teeny bit too loud for us!

Is that the mascot for RHS? I don't even know for sure, sorry! But it's a very cute horse.

Famous People!
This is #41 for Tampa Bay. It says so right on the autographed football he threw to Ava. It also has his name on there which we can't read at all. We have no idea who he is! But he must be famous because he is autographing things, right?

The Band
It was a band...and a chorus! They started singing along with the song they were playing and we were grooving on the sidelines enjoying their music.

A Calliope
Oh yeah, baby. A calliope. It just doesn't get much better than that. I'm pretty sure adding a calliope to a parade knocks it out of the park.

A Tank Thingie
Man, where did they find this thing? How awesome! You know every little boy was probably going crazy and soaking up the military cool-ness slowly rolling past them.

I could go on and on...I took so many photos and saw lots of fun things. But I don't want to make all the other high schools in America too terribly sad. Not everyone can put together the most amazing parade ever!


Rachel said...

Seriously? That's insanely elaborate for a HS parade! How lucky for you!

belinda said...

wear your pantyhose - they'll keep your legs looking great!