Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Burn Ban

A burn ban means my favorite part of camping, the campfire, is off limits. In this case, it also meant no charcoal cooking was allowed. I really couldn't believe the ban included charcoal. I had already bought steaks and marinated chicken before I found out! And I was really looking forward to practicing some dutch oven cooking.

I had to completely rethink my menu for the weekend to utilize our propane stove top. I finally had the idea to make super easy lemon pepper tilapia which all my kids love. All you do is dredge the tilapia filets in flour, sprinkle on lemon pepper, and fry a couple of minutes per side in hot oil. For dinner the second night, I made tacos and taco salad. We even made s'mores using the propane stove but they weren't nearly as good.

We did bring some Christmas lights and ball them up in the fire pit to resemble a fire. And it got so cold Friday night that several of us considered building a fire anyway and splitting the $500 fine if it came to it.


Rachel said...

Yum. Glad you were able to still have smores...I'll take a stove-made smore over no smore any day! And I'm glad you didn't tempt fate with building a fire on that cold night. :) It stinks to be cold (don't I know it), but those wildfires are no joke!

BECKY said...

Worth a $500 fine...yes, but definitely not worth a forest fire!