Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Flashback (and a Reminder)

I stumbled upon this very old blog post from June 2007 and it happened to be just what I needed to see today.

I'm pausing to think how each stage of the kids' lives comes with its very own set of difficulties and joys. Back when I wrote this post, I was barely getting sleep and overwhelmed by the demands of 3 tiny children who needed help with almost everything! Today I am sometimes overwhelmed by the seemingly constant sibling rivalry, the bickering and arguing over little things.

But in both cases, there is a sense of joy beyond words. I have 3 marvelous children! Each of them so beautiful, unique, gifted, and loving.

I tried to capture it almost 5 years ago in a short simple poem. I try to capture it today and store it in my heart. The time goes by so quickly, and I long to enjoy each moment and appreciate it fully.

Princess, dress-up, ballet dancing
Loving, learning, twirling, prancing
Little mother, sweet and smart
A girl right after her Mama's heart

Constant motion, climbing, falling
Trucks, cars, buttons, basket-balling
Rough and tumble with a sensitive side
Can you feel your Mama's pride?

Sleeping, crying, contented sighs
peach-fuzz hair and thunder thighs
Soft and gentle, brown eyes wide
Treasures that Mama stores up inside.

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