Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Leap of Faith (in Crocheting)

Oh I have become quite the expert on crocheting scarves. I've pumped out dozens in the last couple of months. Here is an extra soft and fuzzy pastel scarf I made for Ava a few weeks ago. She loves it!
But I had an itch to try something harder. I wanted to go for something I had never tried before...a sweater. Just the idea filled me with fear. Looking at patterns confirmed I was over my head. But then...I found this pattern and for once I said to myself I think I can do that. I bought the yarn and then I was committed to at least try. To my surprise, it wasn't really that difficult to make. I did have trouble understanding how to make one of the stitches, but I looked up a different explanation on google that cleared it up for me.

Ta-Da! A sweater for Ava!
I can totally see this over sleeveless dresses next Spring.
It only took about 3-4 hours and I had a lot of fun trying something totally new. Plus it gave me some confidence to try some even trickier patterns in the future.

And of course there is a joy involved with making something from scratch- no matter what it is- knowing that you formed materials into something beautiful or useful...or both!


Rachel said...

It looks great! I had complete faith in you that you could do it! Challenging yourself and accomplishing something new is awesome!

belinda said...

how cute! and looks like you have the makings of a model there too!

Brenda said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! Both of these appear to be advanced crocheting; the sweater is awesome. You are awesome!