Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Surprise

I have so many things to write about! I guess I'll start with one of my favorite moments from gift opening on Christmas morning.

Ava has been asking to get her ears pierced for a while now. I originally thought 13 would be a good age for it (which is, coincidentally, the age I had it done.) I had recently come down to age 10. And then when we were trying to decide what to get for her this year I figured 9 isn't too much different from 10...why not completely catch her off guard and surprise her with a note saying she can get her ears pierced? Along with the note we wrapped up some pretty earrings and a lovely jewelry box.

I knew she was going to be surprised, and I also knew she would be thrilled. I am so glad I captured that progression of emotions as she opened her gift!

I treasure these expressions on her face! It was one of the most exciting moments of Christmas for me. It was THE most exciting moment for her, I think. And the very next day we went to the mall and had it done. I must admit that part didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped. She was more nervous than I expected, but it's done and she is happy about it.

What a special memory for us both. I am so thankful for this precious little girl and all the joy she brings to us.


Melany McD. said...

So cute! I'm happy for her! I missed the post saying you were getting off Facebook, and, thanks, to Brandi Yound, found you here. Happy New Year!

Melany McD. said...

I mean Brandi "Young."