Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chocolate, Friends, and Resolutions

Some friends gave us the coolest box of chocolates from a small shop in oak cliff called Dude, Sweet Chocolate. The flavors are outrageously unique and we are having so much fun trying each one. Just read through these descriptions:

here's how it all got started - the six DUDE chocolates are a bit more savory than the SWEET six, but they're all dark...
DUDE chocolates

Queen of Sheeba - grains of paradise, carrot

Parique -Louisanna tobacco, cognac

Toga Party - togarashi, mango

London’s Calling - barley malt, dried beer, marmite

Black Gold - black garlic, sweet wild mushrooms

(r?)1, (r?)1, Baby - pure rye whiskey, chestnut

SWEET chocolates
La Crema - Del Maguey mescal, banana

Butters - butternut squash, maple

Baccus - Texas cabernet, golden raisin

V.Y.T.V.V. - violets, almond

Q - quince, candied ginger

Hill Country - Zip Code honey, lavender, Dallas Mozz. Co. goat crema

Speaking of friends, we hosted a New Year party today and had about 50 friends, neighbors, and family drop by and share good food, drink, laughter, and love. I can't think of a nicer way to start 2012. This might have to become an annual tradition.

And resolutions, well, I have a few. Some are specific, others more vague ideals that I plan to strive toward. Just to toss out a few...
Begin keeping a weekly Sabbath day as a family, Give regular piano lessons to the kids, Practice guitar for myself, Live honestly and authentically without allowing the approval or disapproval of others to form my identity, Spend time being still and quiet before God every day, and Run an event with a friend each month.


belinda said...

so when you say Sabbath day, do you intend to celebrate it on Saturday? actually, Sabbath starts at sundown on Friday. we attend Temple services every Friday evening. "and the evening and the morning were the first day."

BECKY said...

good question, belinda! no, i intend to keep the spirit of the sabbath, not on the actual day observed by jews, but on the day that works best for our family which is going to be sundays. i foresee a day of spending time with church family in the morning, eating a leisurely lunch then proceeding with any number of ways to spend the rest of the day as a family together which may involve serving others, inviting others into our home, or just spending quality time as a family. i hope it can be a time of instruction about what God values, and a time of awareness of and thankfulness for his provision.