Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sabbath Skating

This may go down in history as the Sabbath event that makes me most sore...

We spent 3 hours roller skating as a family this afternoon and my body is letting me know it did not appreciate that very much.

Ava's friend was having her birthday party at the roller rink so we piled the family in the van and decided to all spend the afternoon there. It was the first time for 3 out of 5 in our family to even try roller skating! Cody picked it up fast so he and I took turns holding Lucas up as he attempted to get the hang of it. My arms are killing me! But by the end of the afternoon, Lucas was skating all by himself and was super proud about it, too.

Nate was an immediate pro, and Ava had fun alternating skating with us and with her friends. The 3 hours flew by. But at the end of it we were all exhausted and starving, so we went out for pizza.

This was such a fun way to spend the afternoon! And we get to do it again next month because our church is having a skating party. I can't wait!


belinda said...

Sabbath begins at sundown on Friday.

belinda said...

Shabbat Shalom!

BECKY said...

yes, sabbath does begin then... for Jews. My family is celebrating the spirit of the Sabbath on a day of the week that works well with our schedule and we are loving the family time and the time of God-focused thankfulness and rest in his provision.