Monday, January 23, 2012

Nouwen Book and Lent

I keep finding just the right books for the place I am in my spiritual journey.

At Half Price this weekend I found a book by Henri Nouwen that I didn't even know existed and is the perfect material for me. I have been looking forward to the upcoming season of Lent this year. In the past, Lent has meant little to me. But lately I have begun to see the powerful beauty in this opportunity of confession, purification, and realization that God is performing a redeeming work in my heart. I want to experience Lent in a meaningful way that highlights my empty weakness and my yearning for Christ to fill me to overflowing with his peace and love.
I wasn't sure what that was going to look like, but then this little book jumped off the shelf and into my arms. Henri Nouwen wrote a book of daily meditations for Lent!

Starting on February 22 I will get to read one of Nouwen's thought-provoking, spirit-touching devotional thoughts every day before spending some quiet time in silence and solitude. I am almost giddy about this, and I know it's a weird thing to be giddy about. I have high expectations that God is going to meet me in my openness and wrap me in his presence. Regardless of what I feel during this time, I am looking forward to the discipline and routine this will be for the duration of Lent and I know it will bring new joy to my Easter Sunday.

The book Show Me the Way is available on Amazon, and you know it's got to be good because it's by Henri Nouwen. There's plenty of time to get a copy before Lent begins if this idea has sparked a desire within you as well. However you decide to experience Lent this year, I hope it is a time of blessing and growth for you and that it brings you ever closer to unity with God.

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