Sunday, March 25, 2012

Azalea Get-Away

This is an Azalea flower. I have one small Azalea plant in my yard. Just one.
But in Tyler, TX, they have bazillions of Azaleas. This is just one yard. One lovely yard out of hundreds of beautiful homes along a special route called the "Azalea Trail." Picture a historic district with brick streets, homes built in the 1800's, and gardens to rival any arboretum in the country and that is the Tyler Azalea Festival.
I mean, the Azalea bushes are enormous!
And in just about any color to match any outfit.
So that's why we (me and my cutie) headed out of town for the weekend with...
our wonderful friends (we really love these two!) Paul and Jackie...
to a fabulous bed and breakfast right in the heart of historic Tyler.
And this was the room where Cody and I stayed. I will never forget that stained glass window.
But the azaleas weren't the only reason we went to Tyler. The weekend activities included the Azalea 10K which was my special running event for March. And when I say special, I really mean it. It was unlike any other running event I have ever done, mostly because my friend Jackie is so fun and crazy! I can't wait to blog about the run and share the was definitely not your typical race. For starters, we ran with a dry-erase board and camera...
So you won't want to miss it. Stay tuned!

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Jackie said...

If you see Becky, ask her to show you her singing video with Dustin. :) She did great!