Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camping (Part Four)

The Rapids.

All the kids and most of the adults couldn't wait to go canoeing on our camping trip. I reluctantly agreed to participate so we would have enough adults to allow everyone to go at the same time. However, I don't like rivers much, and I had a canoeing accident when I was younger that has given me a permanent distaste for boating.

But the river looked extremely smooth, at least by our campsite, and I figured it couldn't be too hard or dangerous. I was actually a little happy about the idea of a lazy trip down the river.

We rented the four canoes, piled kids aboard each (Ava and Lucas with me) and set off. Unfortunately, the only spot of rapids (in a shallow and rocky area to boot) was right at the beginning of the canoe trip. I had barely gotten my paddle wet, and certainly had not figured out good canoe control tactics before I was thrust into a complicated and scary situation. And I did what any good mother/adult/leader would do...panic!!!

My panicked shouts for help and shallow breathing quickly made Ava become afraid and hysterical herself. Then our boat got stuck on a rock before turning backwards to continue down the rapids. We almost tipped over several times, which gave me visions of my children hurling down the river and against rocks. Not my best moment.

It lasted for about 75 yards then became completely still and calm. It took every ounce of will I could muster to gain control of myself and continue in that boat. We had to make a few changes. Ava went to my friend Jackie's boat and her son came to mine because he was adept at rowing. Certain canoes were positioned before and behind mine in case any more rapids were encountered (none were.) And Ava's therapist was called and an appointment scheduled. Not really, but it's probably not too far around the bend, people.

See- she can't be that traumatized...she's standing up in the boat pretending to be a gondolier. Yes, that made me very nervous. Bad Jackie. Sit down, child!!
The rest of the trip was the lovely, quiet, slow trip down the river I had expected at the beginning. I made Jackson do most of the rowing, poor kid. See how sad he looks in the picture? We saw a waterfall, and glided through a group of beautiful big trees growing in the middle of the river. It may be a while before I'm convinced to go canoeing again, though, just so you know.

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Jackie said...

Sorry I made you nervous.