Thursday, March 1, 2012


Near Cody's office is a quaint little Italian market/deli called Jimmy's Food Store. It's famous because it has been around since the 60's and they make incredible Italian sandwiches. They also sell lots of imported wines, cheese, pasta, oils, and meats. It's the go-to spot for Italian ingredients.

They also host wine tastings a couple of times a month. We just got on their mailing list a few months ago and have already been to two tastings. They usually bring in a representative from an Italian vineyard to present 6 or 7 wines. A meal is also served. Just this week we attended an event featuring the Sardinian winery Argiolas. The wines were good, but the meal was the highlight for me. Jimmy's had hired a Sardinian chef, and he made authentic food from that region that was like nothing I had ever had before. The appetizer was a dish called Zuppa Gallurese. It's basically stale bread covered with a ton of cheese, soaked with a rich beef broth, then baked. It may not sound like much, but it was one of the best things I've tasted in my life!

photo from Our Italian Table blog, recipe included there.

The wine tastings at Jimmy's fill up so fast that when they send the notice via email you must respond within a few hours to even have a chance at getting a seat. Here is a link to sign up for their email notifications.

But what is really strange, and is one of the main reasons I am writing about Jimmy's today, is that we were just there Tuesday night and then Wednesday an elderly woman crashed her car into the front of the store. I keep thinking about how everything was normal when we left, and within 24 hours the store was extremely damaged.

This is how Jimmy's usually looks...
And this is how it looks after a lady mistakes her gas pedal for the brake...
The articles I read said the store plans to reopen today because the famous sandwich area is unaffected. I am unsure how they plan to deal with the gaping hole in the front of their building while remaining open for business. The scary thing is that there are tables right where the lady crashed, tables that are usually packed with customers. It's a miracle no one was hurt!

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