Wednesday, March 28, 2012

(Not Your Typical) Race Photos

We HAD to buy our race photos from the Azalea 10K because part of our good-time goofing off involved posing for photos. Any time we saw an event photographer, we tried to do something silly. Occasionally we just looked cute and normal like below...
But other times, this sort of thing happened...

Why is there a 2 year old in front of us? He's blocking our photo op, not to mention making us look bad. In our defense, I am fairly certain he was riding in a stroller for the majority of this 10K and had just been let out to run around a bit.
If this photo wasn't blurry, it would be my favorite. Get your rear in gear, Jerry Glover Photography!
In this shot, Jackie's husband Paul is in the background photographing us as we finish strong, totally smoking the old guy. And we beat that pesky 2 year old, also. The dry-erase board says it all.
I have never bought my race photos before, but this may be a new tradition for me. I can frame one of these along with my (50 Yard Dash) medal.

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Jackie said...

I love the water coming out of your cup one.