Monday, April 2, 2012

April Run: Alexis and the Be a Fan 5K

There's nothing like knocking out the April running event on the very first day of of the month!
And the event seemed fitting for April Fool's Day in a few ways. But before I get into all of that, let me introduce my running partner...Alexis!
I've only known Alexis for about a year, but she and her sweet family already mean a lot to me. She's the kind of person I love to hang out with: authentic, down-to-earth, and compassionate. I jumped at the opportunity to do a race with her, especially when I found out it would be her first 5K ever! It is so joyful for me to share in the experience of a first race event...I think of it as a huge honor. And she totally knocked it out of the park. She met all her goals for the race, even though she was barely recovered from a case of strep throat. That is determination, folks.

So how was the race fitting for April Fool's Day? Well, one would think a race benefiting Special Olympics would be a huge deal, but it was a tiny little race. There were less than 100 runners! I think they must have dropped the ball in advertising or something. There was an after party with a live band and great door prize drawings, but since a lot of runners leave as soon as they finish the race and there were so few people to begin with, the after party had about 25 people in attendance. When they called numbers for door prizes, they had to call about 15 numbers before someone present responded. They awarded medals for the top 3 male and female finishers in every 5 year age category, too! Which means almost everyone who ran won a medal. Several age categories didn't even have 3 runners. It just seemed a little...sad.

But the event did have a few things going for it like the cleanest port-o-potty I have ever used, and a booth sponsored by Sugar Ray's that was handing out the best cupcakes ever. It was also mostly on Katy Trail and the weather was perfect.
And of course, the best thing it had going for it was the opportunity for me to enjoy a beautiful run with a good friend. I felt inspired and motivated after running with Alexis. And once again I was reminded that the true joy of running isn't about comparing myself with others or finding my value in how well I can run...but in sharing experiences and enjoying the moment.

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