Monday, April 2, 2012

Sprinkles (Make me feel cheap)

I was in Williams Sonoma around Christmas last year. I hardly ever go in there, but Cody had returned a pan for me and I had some store credit on a gift card. That in itself is a long story for another day.

With my gift card, I decided to buy a Sprinkles cupcake mix. Dark chocolate, to be exact. I've had them before when friends have made them, but I had never bought one before.

That cupcake mix costs $15 by the way. Some of you probably know that already, but others (like my mom) will probably gasp and/or faint upon hearing the price. And I admit, it seemed pricey to me, too, but that was before I took it out today to make it.

Now, it not only seems seems ridiculous! If this post does nothing but reinforce the concept of how cheap I am, so be it...but I figured a $15 mix would come with everything I needed to create a completed cupcake (except perishables, of course!)

I thought it would contain cupcake liners, a mix for the cupcakes AND the frosting, for $15- perhaps even a small robot that helps in the preparation...

But no. The only thing in that container was a bag of cupcake mix (you're on your own for the frosting) and a few round discs for decoration. The round discs are the pizazz that signifies a proper "Sprinkles" cupcake has been made.

To add insult to injury, the mix only makes 12 cupcakes. The box mixes at the grocery store make 24. Add up the time and cost for extra ingredients needed to bake these, and I could have bought a dozen cupcakes from a bakery for about the same price.

So in my opinion, the only good thing about these cupcakes is the reason I am making them: it's Cody's birthday today! Only the best, over-priced cupcakes for my man!

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Lindsay said...

Yes, thankfully your money went to a more than worthy cause. :)Happy Birthday, Cody!