Thursday, March 15, 2012

Soccer Boy

It's that time of year again! Nate did Spring soccer as a 5 year old, and now little Luc is following in his footsteps. It's so much fun watching the first game of the season as the fresh faced kiddos are figuring out what to do with the ball, and the adults are reminding them every few minutes which way they should be trying to go. Lucas is not as aggressive as Nate was. But I finally figured out it's because he hangs back a ways trying to analyze what the other players are going to do. He doesn't want anyone to get past him, and he naturally protects the goal. He has a totally different style than Nate which I find interesting.

He did, however, score the very first goal of the game...the first goal of the season! The game had been going for a long time, and there had been several close misses. Lucas gained control of the ball in the middle of the field and took it all the way to the goal. I am so upset that I didn't capture any pictures of his face right after that goal because it was priceless! He turned and looked at us with a mixture of surprise and delight, his mouth slightly agape. Then he scrunched his face into a huge grin and threw both arms into the sky. He was so proud, so happy!
And of course, I was beaming also. It's so much fun to watch him try something new, put so much effort into it, then experience some success. It's fun to watch him interact with his teammates also. He's growing up. Kindergarten is right around the corner.

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