Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Summer Steals

Summer is right around the corner and these are a few of the items I'm starting to use and will enjoy all season long...

Plus, they were all inexpensive. Can't beat a good bargain!

My "lounging by the pool" hat purchased last month at a charity auction. ($15) Perfect because for the first time this summer all my kids can swim in the life-guarded pool unaccompanied by a parent. I can finally relax in the sun a little bit!
My super cute Vera Bradley Totally Turq flip flops. (FREE) A Christmas gift from my sister-in-law that shows she has great style!

The Botanical Necklace by Premier Designs Jewelry ($13.50) I got it for half price because I hosted a jewelry show earlier this year. I think it will dress up tank tops and other summer shirts quite well.

An adorable, soft, flowing sundress found...you won't believe this...at Walgreens. ($8) I was waiting to pick up my passport photos when I spotted it and figured what the heck. It's cheap, it's weird that I'm buying a dress at Walgreens, but I'm doing it anyway! And it's even weirder that I'm posting a pic of me and clearly my toilet is in the shot. Oh well.
Creme Brûlée nail color by Revlon ($3.50) Great for a simple, neutral look on days I don't feel like wearing the outrageous pinks, purples, blues, and greens that overload the nail aisles.
My new springy/summery deodorant Lemongrass Mint by Secret. ($3.50) My nose is a bit sensitive. Most scents drive me crazy, so I have to choose deodorant carefully or I'll feel nauseated or headachy and have to throw partially used ones away. This scent is perfect. A lot of people are mad at Secret for putting the words "Natural Mineral" on this product because it's misleading. It's not a natural deodorant...this baby contains aluminum or whatever it is that supposedly causes cancer. But, I've tried natural deodorants without success and I don't care if this one is killing me slowly because it smells so good.

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