Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I used to make cakes.
I made lots and lots of cakes.  I made them for my kids.  Then I started making them for other people. 
I made them for birthdays...
and all kinds of events for all ages of people.
It all started when Cody got me a cake decorating class as a gift.  Something fun turned into a side business.  I even have a cake website.  People placed orders, usually requesting tricky things that caused me to obsess over how to create it on a cake.
And then I got burned out and a bit lazy.  It was a lot of pressure because I expected myself to create perfect cakes.  I was always my own worst critic, and I was always fearful that someone wouldn't like the cake I made for them...then what?

So lately, I've made cakes that look more like this:
for my kid's teacher during teacher appreciation week.  I didn't even take the cake out of the pan, and I used store bought frosting.  I've sunk to a new low.

Maybe, just maybe I'm getting to a place where I could start making cakes, the actual labor intensive kind, for people again.

As long as I made them not so much like this...

but more like this...

it would probably be okay.


Rachel said...

Your cakes are beautiful and I always got so many compliments on them! But I know what you mean about getting burned out and dealing with perfectionism...it can wear you out for sure.

Lauren C. said...

Your cakes are so pretty - you've got such a talent!

belinda said...

your cakes are beautiful!