Thursday, May 17, 2012


I have a hair appointment tomorrow.  That would probably not be a big deal or blog worthy for anyone else I know, but the thing is...

this is my first hair cut in over a year.

Yeah, you read that right.  Last time I went to the salon for a trim was over a year ago when I accompanied Ava to get her hair chopped off to donate.

I know most women have hairstyles that require...maintenance.  Mine is a free-for-all that I let grow and grow and grow until it

a. bugs me (my purse gets caught on it one too many times)
b. has grown so unevenly that some strands on the right are 4 full inches longer than strands on the left
c. starts to get too full and frizz-prone
d. is almost summer and the thought of super long hair on 110 degree days makes me almost faint
e. all of the above

I won't do anything least I don't think I will.  I have a bit of a "hair-trigger" (no pun intended) when it comes to knee-jerk decisions in the salon.  The fact that those usually produce less than stellar results has curbed my impulsiveness over the years.

Most likely, I'll just get a trim.  But my favorite part will be the shampooing.  Oh, the shampooing.  At my salon (Clive and Co.) there are people dedicated to only shampooing clients, and boy do they know what they are doing.   They have golden hands.  It's the dreamiest, loveliest, most wonderful experience.  Something about warm water and a head massage really hits the spot for me.

I won't look drastically different when I leave the salon tomorrow.  But, I'll feel pretty nice after pampering my hair for the first time in a long time.  It's kind of funny that one of the features I like most about myself is the one I basically ignore when it comes to upkeep.


belinda said...

i've told the shampoo women in my life that if i was ever rich, the first thing i'd want as a luxury would be to have someone shampoo my hair every day. it's simply priceless.

belinda said...

i haven't seen the hair update?