Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

This snapshot was taken with a camera phone at the end of a giggly time at lunch on Mother's Day.

Our church showed a cute video of little kids answering questions about their mom (many cute/funny answers) so during lunch I started asking my own kids questions about me to see how they would answer.

When asked what we had in common Nate replied we both like Chuys.  Then he looked thoughtful and said now how many teeth have you lost, mom?  Ava said what made us different was that she didn't like wine!  They did a pretty good job of listing my friends and favorite places.  And when Cody asked them who I love they all said you, Daddy!  But then Nate added quickly and God...Mom loves God.

That made my heart smile because if there's anything I would hope my kids would know about me it's that.

And I hope they know how deeply I love each of them...through the good and bad, the successes and mistakes, the ways we care for each other and the ways we hurt each other.  My love will never end.

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