Sunday, May 13, 2012

It Really Works

When I fell and got a huge knot on my knee last week, my friend Greta gave me her tube of Arnica cream.  She told me to just rub it into the bruised area a few times a day.  I appreciated her care and concern, but didn't hold out high expectations for miraculous improvement thanks to some cream she found at Natural Food Grocers.  Well, I should have known that Greta would be right and her homeopathic cure would do wonders.  That stuff is amazing!  I really can't praise it enough.

The knot on my knee was huge, swollen, painful, and bruised.  But the minute I rubbed in the cream the pain would leave.  It felt like a cool relief.  And not only did the pain subside, the knot went down practically overnight and the bruise faded much faster than any bruise I ever had before.

So I'm going to get my own tube of this miracle cream and use it on all the knots, bruises, and sore muscles in our family.

Thanks, Greta, for sharing this with me!


belinda said...

where do you buy this stuff?

Becky Campbell said...

Try natural grocery stores like Natural Food Grocer. It's also on