Saturday, May 12, 2012

May Run: Nancy and the Head for the Cure 5K

Nancy and me before the race

I'm on a high from this morning- what a beautiful, fun way to spend a Saturday morning!  I mean, it just doesn't get better than this.  The weather was perfect for this event.  Cloudy and cool, it felt more like March than May.  And the company?  Well, the company was a highlight!  I've been friends with Nancy for a long time, but we have grown especially close over the past year.  She is my dear friend and mentor.  A year ago, when I was going through a very hard time, Nancy reached out to me.  Not once, not twice, but I think about three times before I said, you know I think I do need some help, and I do want to talk to you, and I will accept your offer of love and concern, yes please!  She did not give up on reaching out to me and I thank God because our friendship has turned out to be a source of deep strength and renewal.  She continually points me toward God's grace and love.

Nancy is quite the runner, too.  She has experienced achievements in running that I can only dream about (9 minute mile half marathons?  Yeah, not in my cards...)  But this was her first event in a while, and I think it was a treat for her to be back in that excitement of a running event.  There's a spark of electricity in the air that can be a joy to experience.  I was so happy to share that with her!

This was a huge event.  The Head for the Cure Foundation hosts races in several cities to raise funds for brain cancer research and treatment.  One of the reasons we chose this event is because a sweet man Nancy and I cared about recently passed away after battling a brain tumor.  We thought this could be a way of honoring him and his family while supporting a cause that will hopefully make strides in eradicating cancer.   There were so many people at this race, many in teams, some wearing survivor was inspiring to be a part of it.

Nancy and I had a blast running the course, then we headed to Cafe Brazil for a much deserved leisurely breakfast.  Nancy and I have met for breakfast about every 2-3 weeks for a year at IHOP, and this was definitely a step up.  IHOP doesn't have incredible stuffed chili rellenos with spicy cream sauce and cubed sweet potatoes!

But IHOP or Cafe doesn't matter where I meet up with Nancy.  We could meet at 7-11 for all I care because I just love to spend time with her, and I am so thankful to call her friend.  Thank you, friend, for a lovely morning!

(P.S. I did get a few shout-outs about my t-shirt redesign...and am pleased to report there were no wardrobe malfunctions which was a slight concern of mine going into the event.)


Elaine Acosta said...

What a great post - congrats on your run & your cool t-shirt! I've been to Cafe Brazil and have to agree - its spectacular!

Anonymous said...

It was, indeed, the perfect morning! Thanks, my dear friend for making it happen and believing in me!