Friday, May 11, 2012

Pinterest Tank...Check!

I actually made something I found on Pinterest.  Do you hear that?  I not only pinned it...I made it.  And I made it only a day or two after finding it.  It's like a miracle.

I, like all other American women, have dozens of sloppy t-shirts sitting in my drawer.  I rarely wear them. But I can't seem to get rid of them.  Plus, I'm adding to them all the time every time I pick up a race event tee.  In fact, just today I picked up a t-shirt for a 5K I'm running tomorrow.

(Here's what I marked on Pinterest.) 
See this race shirt?  It's kinda cute, but it's big and sloppy.  I could wear it.  But I'd look dumpy.

But thanks to the tutorial I found on Pinterest, in about 30 minutes (it's a quick craft) my big dumpy shirt was a super cute tank top.

I might even wear it to run in tomorrow.  I have a pile of shirts I could do this to.  Best part- it doesn't even require any materials (other than thread.)

It's recycling, it's easy, and it's cute.  Here's the tutorial if you want to give it a try.


Jenni said...

That's a great problem would be having the My solution for extraneous tshirts is to make quilts. I actually have 3 different sets of shirts ready to make into quilts - once I find the time to shop for fabric and sew!

Becky Campbell said...

you know, this is such a casual look that I don't think visible bra straps would be too weird. I could even see wearing a cami or tank under this tank. I happen to have had on a strapless bra already when I tried the tank on and that worked, too. But, having said all that, QUILTS are also a fabulous and beautiful option!! I'd like to see your finished products, Jenni!

Rachel said...

Very cute! Great job, Becky! I don't have as many tshirts laying around as I used to, but I might have to find one to try this!