Wednesday, June 13, 2012


a surprise fruit arrangement arrives in the afternoon.  i was out and missed the delivery but my neighbor tells me the delivery man went to 5 houses before finding someone with room in their fridge.  i guess the whole street knows about my gift...
i dress up, leave the kids with the grandparents, and drive to pick up cody from work.  it's our first time to visit the mansion on turtle creek.  how beautiful it is inside.
our table overlooks the patio.  the service is impeccable, the food amazing.

we talk about that first year, the year of the tiny California apartment and all the things we saw and did there while we feast on spring pea risotto, soft-shell crab, salmon, and roasted lamb.
a sweet dessert to celebrate a sweet occasion.  
after dinner, completely full, we decide to go for a drive.  top down, wind in the hair kind of drive.

the night air is warm but refreshing.  the city lights dazzling.
i can't imagine a nicer way to spend the evening.  i'm full, in every sense of the word.

a 14 year journey that continues to shape us, will continue to bless us.  a marriage that reveals God's love, mercy, forgiveness, and joy.  a partnership that continues to grow in commitment and understanding.  happy anniversary to us.


Rachel said...

Yes, happy anniversary! What a wonderful night out to celebrate the occasion. It all looks amazing. May God continue to fill you up and bless your marriage. Love you both.

belinda said...

okay, i have to be the one to ask: did y'all go "parking?" HA!

Anonymous said...

I want to know if y'all had chips and salsa?? Hahaha! Happy Anniversary you two! -Brandy