Saturday, June 16, 2012

June Run: Ava and the Dadfest 5K

I am so proud of this girl!
It was exciting for me to run with my sweet daughter Ava as she raced in her first ever 5K.  The Dadfest race is a family focused event so there were tons of kids around and lots of activities before and after the race.  We looked around a bit, and before we knew it the 5K was about to begin.
I wasn't sure what to expect because Ava had not trained at all for running this distance.  I wondered how she would hold up.  Turns out, she has a lot of stamina and the will of a champion.  We jogged (ran is more like it...her default speed is quick) and walked at her command, and she pushed herself.  We probably ran almost half the race and fast-walked the rest.  She never once complained even when I could tell she was getting tired near the end.  She went strong all the way to the end and finished in 44:26 which I think is astounding!
But of course these races I am doing with the special people in my life this year are not about the finishing time, or the pace, or performance.  These races are about spending time with people I love.  So today was a special treat for me because spending a morning with Ava is wonderful.  She is so beautiful inside and out...her sweet spirit is a blessing to everyone who knows her.  

I loved sharing the joy of running with my girl today.  And I hope that I am setting an example for her that will encourage her to stay healthy and active without finding her value in her appearance or performance.  


writtenbyamanda said...

How wonderful that you can share the love of running with your daughter! Great story!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to do this with my kids! How inspiring.

belinda said...

she looks so much like you!