Friday, June 15, 2012

Rangers Game

Our family had a blast at the Rangers game last night.  It's not something our family gets to do a lot, so going to a game is special.  And since Ava and Nate are both playing ball right now they are much more into what's going on during the game.  All three kids love to cheer lively, which seemed to delight the fans sitting around us.  In fact, we were surrounded by the nicest people at the game last night.  I don't think I've ever sat in such a pocket of good folks.  People beside us and above us (there was no one below us which was super nice because I could stretch out my legs!) were giving the kids cookies and peanuts and talking to them like they were the best, most interesting children in the world.

Ava's dream, which she shared clearly and often, was to get on the Jumbotron so every pause between innings she and Nate would get up and dance like crazy.  She even got some of the people behind us to stand up and dance crazy in an effort to get the camera guy's attention.

The children also dreamed of catching a foul ball.  A few came in our direction, but we were a little too high up.  Hamilton actually threw his bat into the stands last night (I am still a little shocked) and some fans below us were hit/caught it.  What a cool souvenir that would make, if it didn't knock you out.

We stayed until the very end of the game, even though the Rangers lost 11-3.  The stands were pretty empty by the time we packed up and headed home.  And Lucas was droopy eyed.  He conked out within minutes on the drive home.

I had been looking forward to yesterday evening for weeks and it totally lived up to my excitement.  And we even get to do it again at the end of June when some dear friends visit from Tennessee.  Ava has two weeks to create a cool sign and a plan for getting on the Jumbotron at last.  We'll see if it pans out for her.


Lindsay said...

Awesome! Good luck to Ava on getting on the Jumbotron. I will dream for it too. :)

belinda said...

i was at the Rangers game on April 23! FUN! glad the kids had such a blast.

Anonymous said...

We're looking forward to it!! My crazy boys will join in the effort to get on the jumbotron! -Brandy