Friday, June 1, 2012

Nate's Story

We all know Ava can write...take a look at The Greedy King if you missed it when I posted it originally.  Or look at it again because it's a super cute, funny story!

But Mister Nate can spin a tale as well.  Here is something he brought home from his writings this year...

"I was sneaky when my brother and me stole candy.  When mom wasn't looking we stole the candy.  We took it to are room and ate it.  We stole lots of candy.  When we finished we hid whatever was left.  We started eating at night.  I said Lucas go get the candy.  I wanted him to get it so I wouldn't get in trouble.  We really liked it so we kept on doing it.  We got candy in the morning and ate it at night.  Sometimes we got it at night and ate it in the morning.  Mom finally caught us and we were in big trouble."

I don't even remember this but he swears it really happened.
I love reading what they write.  It's such an insight into their little minds!
And I do plan on guarding the candy bowl a little better from now on.

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Carol said...

This is hilarious! I can't believe it really happened and that Nate would write about it. And how did Lucas fall for those tricks?