Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Car

Our family is playing the "new car game" these days.  A month or so ago I noticed there are a ton of cars driving around with the paper license plate that signifies it has been newly purchased.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Every time I am driving I see 3 or 4 "new cars" (my kids often point out the car doesn't look new...)  Finally I was in the car with Cody one evening and decided to shout "NEW CAR!" and slug him in the arm.  It's my very own version of the Volkswagon Beetle slug bug game.

It caught on quickly.  It was meant to just be between me and Cody but the kids figured it out and wanted to join in as well.  (Lucas is the one you have to watch because he will shout the phrase without seeing one...the stinker.)

The drawback is the fighting the kids get into about the arm slugging.  So today I made a new rule.  You still shout "NEW CAR" when you see one but instead of getting to hit someone, everyone else in the car has to say "You're awesome!" to you in a funky voice.

I'm pleased to report the new version is 100% more family friendly and has resulted in feelings of value instead of physical and emotional battles.

Feel free to start playing the "new car game" with your own family.  It's fun, but it might get old on our drive to Montana this summer.  I'll let you know.

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Christina said...

That's funny and innovative! Have fun driving to Montana - wow! Long haul!