Saturday, July 28, 2012

RoadTrip, Part 11 (The Finale)

We left Yellowstone and drove South past the Tetons on our way to Glenwood Springs, CO.  The area around Jackson, WY was beautiful.  I would like to spend some time there one day.

We also drove through the Northeast corner of Utah which had some stunning views.  It was a desolate area, but beautiful.

We arrived in Glenwood Springs and checked into the awesome Hot Springs Lodge.  Admission to the famous city-block-long hot spring pool is included with the room price, as well as a made to order hot breakfast each morning.  We spent a couple of days here just relaxing, swimming, and checking out the cute little shops and restaurants.  The kids loved swimming here and flying down the two large slides. This is a city Cody and I definitely want to return to, perhaps with some friends in tow for a weekend getaway.  We think the 104 degree pool would feel especially nice on a cool fall evening.

We left Glenwood Springs and headed to the small town of Chimayo, NM in time to arrive for dinner.

There is a restaurant in Chimayo that Cody's family has been going to for decades whenever they get the chance.

Rancho de Chimayo is a sprawling, family-owned restaurant located in a renovated old home about 45 minutes North of Santa Fe.  The same family also owns a bed and breakfast right by the restaurant that I would enjoy staying in someday.

Cody and I always order the Sopapilla Relleno, a sopapilla filled with shredded beef and topped with their delicious green chili sauce.  The food here is amazing...traditional New Mexican.

After dinner we drove into Santa Fe to spend the night.  The next morning we had a huge breakfast at the famous Plaza cafe.  If ever breakfasting there, be sure to order the French toast and a Mexican Mocha to drink.

The kids played around in the plaza during their last few minutes of freedom before buckling into the car for the drive home.  Santa Fe is one of my favorite cities, and again we did not get to spend much time here.  I'm resolved to come back very soon with a girlfriend for a shopping weekend.  And of course we will rent a car so we can drive up to Chimayo for dinner.  Rancho de Chimayo is a must for me if ever within even a few hundred miles.

It was an agonizingly long drive home.  The last 2 hours, especially, nearly killed me.  We were all so ready to be home, yet it seemed just out of reach!  We didn't arrive until close to 10 PM.  As soon as the kids started recognizing the familiar stores and landmarks near our home they squealed and celebrated wildly.  When we pulled into the driveway, they ran inside throwing themselves on their beds while screaming and rolling around.  It dawned on me that 2 weeks away from the familiar is a long time, especially for a child.  They were thrilled to be home!

And so the sun set (literally... this photo was taken during the drive home from Santa Fe) on our lengthy adventure.   It was 2 weeks spent with my family that I will always cherish.  We saw things we had never seen before, much of it the beauty of God's creation...some of it the imaginative displays of man's ingenuity.  We spent time with friends, ate great food, took tons of pictures, laughed, got tired and cranky, drove a lot, and had the time of our lives!


Rachel said...

Why is the drive home always SO long? I am glad you guys made it all that way and back safely! What an adventure. I truly loved reading about it and seeing your photos. I'm glad you broke it up into so many posts because I looked forward to it every day!

Lynn Leaming said...

Was fun reading all about your trip and seeing all your fabulous photography. Glad you had such a good time and God gave you safety.

Greta said...

Truly an amazing experience, Becky. I haven't read all the posts yet but I'll be back for more. I tell you what...I want you to plan all my trips, okay?!?