Friday, July 27, 2012

Road Trip, Part 10

On our last evening in Yellowstone, we took a rather long hike along the South rim of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The famous Lower Falls pours into a river that flows along the bottom of canyon.  Here are the kids, each wearing their souvenir shirt.

We set off not knowing just how long of a hike it would be.  Everyone was a little hungry and tired also, which made it seem longer.

At first, we look back and the Lower Falls is not that far away.  But notice at the end of our hike how much distance we've put between us and the falls.

I love this little outlook.  I hung back and gave the family a chance to get there first so I could photograph them looking out into the canyon.

See!  We went a long way...the falls are not nearly as close anymore.

We had walked for an hour in one direction, away from the lot where we had left our car.  Because we were exhausted and didn't think the kids could retrace our steps, we sent Cody to get our van and come pick us up!  We just couldn't imagine going back the way we had come along the twisty, steep trail along the edge of the canyon.  It was still about a mile walk for Cody but a straight shot along the main road.  He didn't mind.  And while he was gone Nate struck up a conversation with a young couple and their baby we bumped into who we had seen walking the same trail as us earlier.  We offered them a ride back to the parking lot where the hike originated, and they jumped at the chance.  So when Cody returned, we piled everyone into the van and drove back to our parked cars.

Yellowstone is a beautiful place.  It can be crowded in the summer so the best time to visit is probably Spring or Fall.  But if you must come in the summer, I noticed that the mornings and evenings were much less crowded.  I think a lot of people pass through the park during the day but are staying somewhere else or headed to another destination.

And of course, you'll want to visit before the super volcano that's under Yellowstone decides to erupt again wiping out the park and, so I've heard, all the states near it.

Coming Up:  Glenwood Springs, CO and Santa Fe, NM

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