Sunday, August 12, 2012

All Better Now

Sometimes things break around the house and it takes us forever to get around to fixing them.  Not this time, baby.

For whatever reason (but most likely because I was poking myself in the eyes trying to put in my contacts and Cody was nicking himself while shaving) we knew the "mirror situation" was serious and therefore we acted with speed and determination.

You might recall this photo of the surprise that awaited me upon coming home after a few days of R & R.  I really can't describe how surreal it is to find a huge mirror shattered all over the bathroom.  Poor Cody had to work a solid 2 hours that night to get all that glass picked up.  That mirror was huge!  After it fell, there was a large ugly spot of various wallpaper and sheet rock left on the wall.

I headed straight to Kirklands, a store that I knew would have lots of mirrors at great prices.  It didn't disappoint.  I found a large, beautifully framed mirror for only $59.  I consider that a steal.

And I also found this super cute sock monkey wine bottle cover...but I digress...

The first step was to texture over the yucky wallpaper and drywall.  $3 joint compound plus 10 minutes equals done.

After the texture dried, Cody painted it.

Then he hung that beautiful mirror, and I absolutely love it.  I much prefer it to the way it looked before.  Now we're back in business, applying make-up and brushing teeth without having to guess.  Sometimes you never realize how much you need something until it's gone, am I right?

Oh I love the way it turned out.  This is definitely a time where the vision became reality, and it didn't even break the bank.


Rachel said...

Love it! A mirror is one of those things that is essential in a bathroom!

Carol said...

That was fast and it looks so nice!

Jenni said...

Looks great Becky!

Christina said...

Looks wonderful! I need a mirror for our dining room. Must head to Kirkland's!