Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day

We are off to a great start for this school year.  I can't believe this, but my baby is in Kindergarten now.

We did have one little hiccough.  Lucas made it through the first day and told me when I picked him up that he didn't plan on going back.  He said school was "too long" and he "missed Mama."  Melts my heart.  Later that night as I laid out his clothes for the next day he said, "Remember, I'm not going to school tomorrow."  We had a long talk about it (as he frowned and wrapped his arms around my neck.)
He did make it back there today, and I think he is feeling a little better about it tonight.  I foresee this topic coming up again though and it's not easy to resist his sad dark eyes when he talks about missing me.  I miss him, too!

The older two were all too happy to return to school.  Nate practically owns the place.  I swear he knows every teacher and student in the entire school.  (I'm not kidding.  Kids of all ages greet him when we walk across the front lawn.)

And Ava has the cutest, sweetest teacher this year that I have ever laid eyes on.  After the first day of class Ava said, "She's so nice she tricks you into doing stuff like math."  I can totally see it.  This lady is so super sweet and fun that I wouldn't mind doing the fourth grade over myself.  Ava has got it good!

All my kids have great teachers this year.  I couldn't be more pleased and excited for them or relieved for myself because I know they are in excellent hands.  And please don't tell me Ava looks like she's 20.  I know.  What I don't know is how she changed from a crawling little 6 month old into a young lady overnight.


Anonymous said...

An answer to prayers for sure. I just love your kids and your whole family!

Rachel said...

Lucas is just too cute. Are you sure he has to go to school, mom? :) And you're not kidding...I can still clearly see Ava (and Nate and Lucas) as little babies! I'm so glad they're off to a good start this year.

Christina said...

What a cute post. Love the picture of the three of them. So sweet that Lucas misses his mommy!