Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Best Teacher Brings Puppies

Part of my new job as a preschool teacher is doing "home visits."  My preschool is so awesome that it sends the teacher to the students' houses before school starts.  The goal is to meet the students and help them feel more comfortable with the teacher before the first day of class.

I've been dutifully carrying out my visits, enjoying meeting the students and their families.  Then today on my last home visit the strangest thing happened.

I was pulling up near the house to park when I saw a woman wandering around in the street followed closely by 3 adorable puppies.  She asked me if they were mine or if I knew who they belonged to because she was worried they would get run over.  They had obviously escaped from a yard, but she had gone from house to house with no luck in finding their owner.  As we talked, the puppies ran around our legs, jumping, playing, and licking at us with their cute little pink tongues.

Now if you know me, you know I hate dogs.  But even I, the dog hater that I am, thought these puppies were the cutest thing ever.  I couldn't stop smiling, and I confess I didn't mind them licking me and probably would have even let them lick my face.  They were THAT cute.

I was sorry I couldn't help her and as she continued on her way, I strolled up to the front door of the house I was visiting.  But those puppies followed me!  They came to the front door with me, still jumping, playing, licking and acting adorable.  I wasn't sure what to do.  It looked like I had brought all these puppies with me for the home visit.  When the woman opened the door, I hurriedly tried to explain that I didn't know why these puppies were here but my words were drowned out by the excitement as the puppies all tried to rush into her house!  Now we were all jumping around, me trying to grab puppies...her trying to hold her child, close the door, and shove puppies out of the way.  Soon we all ended up on the front porch with the door closed and puppies all over us.

The lady must have thought I was crazy!  I finally had a chance to explain and together we lured the puppies away, then rushed into the house slamming the door closed in the puppies faces.  They were quick.

It was quite an exciting way to begin a home visit!  And sadly, when I left the puppies were gone.  I hope someone took care of them or found their owner.  But I probably made a good impression on my new student.  Maybe he will remember me as the teacher who brought cute puppies to his house!

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