Saturday, September 1, 2012

Memory Lane

Fair Warning: Prepare for Cuteness Overload

I realized last night that I have a lot of "first day of school" photos for Ava. So I went back into old discs and pulled out a picture from every first day of school she has ever had. Here they are...

2005 M/W 2's with Ms. Carolyn

2006 M/W/F 3's with Ms. Carver

2007 M/W/F 4's with Ms. Steeves

2008 Kindergarten with Ms. Green

2009 First Grade with Ms. Harrison

2010 Second Grade with Ms. Ferron

2011 Third Grade with Ms. Payne

2012 Fourth Grade with Ms. Koronka

Can you believe it?  Just look how my girl has grown!  And to all those teacher's names I listed (two of whom I now work with at my new job!)...thank you for being a blessing in my sweet girl's life.

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Carol said...

Love looking back! My how she has changed. She just gets prettier every year! I told her the other day those pictures from this year look like a teenager. She has blessed so many people in her almost 10 years.