Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Riding Lessons

I was fortunate to snag a cool deal at a charity auction last Spring.  I got two 8 week sessions of horse riding lessons for my older two.  This week, they both practiced tacking the horse.  It's a pretty complicated process getting a horse ready to ride.  Their teacher and a helper taught them all they needed to do, and they got to practice each step.

Here Nate is adding the bridle.  He watched his teacher do it first, then he got to do it on his own.  It's weird watching my 7 year old handle a huge animal.  He has to stand on a step stool.

In this photo, Ava is adding the leg braces.  Every horse wears these braces as a way to prevent injury and strain.  Now, Ava Beth was a little bit timid whenever the horse would move...I mean, even swish his tail.  But as the lesson went on, she became more and more comfortable and bold.  I was so proud of her!

Both kids absolutely loved being around the horses today and are bursting with excitement about their next lessons.  I'm really glad they are having this experience and enjoying it so much!

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Carol said...

thanks for the pictures! love seeing this and know they will really enjoy this experience.