Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October Run: Cody and the Theta Breakers 5K

This is hard to believe, but Cody and I had never run an event together before this weekend.  We have run the same event once, but we didn't stay together.  This past weekend we ran a 5K in California and stayed together during the run (except for the last 50 yards or so when I took off and smoked him.)

The best thing about this run was that it took place in CALIFORNIA.  Not just any old town in CA, but in Palo Alto, the home of Stanford University.  This place was our stomping grounds back in the day almost 15 years ago when Cody was getting his Masters Degree and I was teaching music part time in the local school district.  Stanford has a lovely campus.

The 5K actually took place on campus because it was hosted by some sorority.  Unfortunately it didn't include paths by the most famous or beautiful architecture on campus like the church above.  But that was okay since we had already explored the day before.

It was a really fun race.  A good crowd participated, and there were plenty of sorority girls cheering us on as we ran.  I almost set a new PR and Cody finished 3rd in his age group.  After the race we went back to the hotel to shower and dress quickly so we could make it to church.  We got to visit with people there we had not seen in ages.  It was such a fun morning.  The temperature was perfect, the setting surreal, and the company a special treat.  I see lots of future races for me and Cody.  We love running together.

But wait, the race wasn't the only fun thing we did in California.  I have a million things to share about this trip.  It was one of the best get-aways I have ever experienced.  You can expect quite a few blog posts about our travels...coming soon!

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