Wednesday, November 7, 2012

24 Hours in OKC (Part 4)

My favorite spot, by far, in OKC is the Myriad Botanical Gardens downtown.  I had to pull this first photo from their website to try and show the scale of this enormous garden area with the cool glass cylinder in the center.

It's such a pretty area, and full of all kinds of interesting features.  There's a Koi pond, a hedge maze (which we couldn't locate), a children's play area, an outdoor concert setting, all kinds of water features, plants, places for weddings, places to sit, and on and on.

Then smack dab in the center of it all is some kind of futuristic glass tube that's almost the size of a football field.  We were curious about what was in there.  Turns out it is a tropical garden available for tour.  We paid the fee, grabbed our cameras, and proceeded to be completely floored by the beauty and color surrounding us.

We spent a long time in the tropical gardens.  Finally we came back out into the open air to walk around more of the botanical gardens.  I thought the play area was cute.

They had several fall decorations and arches dotting the landscape.  I made Erin pose a few times...

And what is that behind her?  Those orange, ribbed pumpkin looking things?  I'm glad you asked!  Stay tuned to find out more...

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