Monday, November 5, 2012

24 Hours in OKC (Part 3)

A main draw for Erin and I in OKC was the Museum of Art.  I'll go ahead and tell you now it isn't that big and it isn't that fabulous compared to many other museums I have seen.  But one thing it has going for it is its collection of Chihuly glass.  I had never heard of Dale Chihuly before the Arboretum featured his beautiful creations.  The glass finds a perfect setting in nature there.  In the OKC Museum of Art, the glass is set in various darkened rooms and takes up a large portion of the 3rd floor.

However, there is this one amazing display that is different from the darkened room theme...

It's a hallway with a glass ceiling that has tons of different colors and sizes of glass pieces resting on it.  The lighting casts colored shadows on the walls.  It's one of the most beautiful spaces I have ever seen. We stayed in this hallway for a long time, reluctant to leave it.

There is a small collection of modern art.  The docent standing guard struck up a conversation with me about how he doesn't "get" most of the art in that section.  I doubt many people do.  But I enjoy some good modern art now and then.  If nothing else, crazy stripes make an interesting background for a photo.

And of course, Andy Warhol has a good thing going here...

After touring the museum, we stopped at the attached cafe for lunch.  Some rank this place in the top 10 restaurants of OKC.  It was a nice lunch...this salmon had a wonderful wood-smoke flavored crust on it, and the lobster bisque was yummy.  But if it's in the top 10 of what OKC has to offer, I'm not impressed.  I enjoyed our meal at a local pizza joint the night before much more.  The Wedge had so many incredible salad choices it was hard to decide, but we ended up loving the beet salad.

Stay tuned for my favorite spot we visited in OKC...

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