Sunday, November 25, 2012

Breathtaking View

Thanks to a friend, we stumbled upon the neatest park.  I've never seen anything quite like it!
It's not too long of a drive to get there, so I imagine we will return several times this season.  Last night we took some friends and we all thought it was stunning.  Every tree is wrapped to the top branch with amazing colored lights.

It goes on and on, in fact the drive into the park is completely lined with these colored trees, one after another for such a long way.  But inside the park, the bonus feature is the water which reflects the lights  most beautifully.

There are a few larger trees wrapped in multicolored lights.  They are beautiful, too!  The iPhone photos don't really do it justice.

We could have stayed a long time, if there had not been 5 kids running around like crazy, and if we had been holding some hot chocolate (it was a little chilly!)  I can't wait to go back and soak in the view again.  This really puts me in the holiday spirit!


Becky Campbell said...

feel free to email me for directions to the park! it's easy to find and well worth the trip.

Brenda W. said...

Great title! These are breathtaking.

Brooke said...

You should go into my neighborhood next time you visit. My neighborhood is the one across the street from that park. There is one of the best Christmas light shows you will see on my street. You can visit Santa, get free hot chocolate, popcorn, and candy canes, and there is a train for little ones to ride in.