Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ava's Party

It's the weekend before Ava turns the big 1-0...
so we had her party today and it was so much fun!

Just Dance is the best thing to happen to parties since birthday cake.  Everyone was dancing their hearts out for almost a solid hour.  They were laughing and singing and having the best time.  I loved watching them and yes, I jumped in and danced every once and a while, too!

We had two before the dancing and one after.  The first dessert was an ice cream sundae bar.  That was a big hit!  Any time kids get to decide for themselves how much whipped cream to add tends to be a happy, slightly crazy time.

Ava's friends are so thoughtful and sweet.  One friend gave her a shirt that matches her own so they can be "twins."

Another friend gave her this awesome hat that was handmade by her mom.  Too cute!

The party seemed to fly by.  Soon it was time to hand out the party favors and say good-bye to friends. I'm so glad Ava got to spend the afternoon with her friends in celebration of this big milestone.  10 just seems so...huge to me!  It's double digits!


Rachel said...

10 is a big birthday! Very cute cake for a lovely birthday girl.

Christina said...

Wow, can't believe she's 10! What a fun and pretty party ;)!