Tuesday, April 16, 2013


My kids are on cloud nine. Especially Ava.  She has been begging for a trampoline for a long time now.

There just isn't much that can compare with the joy of jumping with abandon on a big ol' trampoline.  Am I right?  Can I get a witness?

We spent the entire weekend responding to Craigslist ads only to hear "sorry...it's already sold."  Ava was getting discouraged.  On Monday, I spotted this beauty of a trampoline only 45 minutes after the ad was posted and even then when I texted I was the second to respond.  The lady was nice and told me if the first people didn't show up that night, she would let me know.

I didn't get my hopes up.

So I was really surprised when she texted later to tell me they didn't show.  It was ours!

The best part is that I have an awesome father-in-law who disassembled and loaded up the trampoline, drove it almost an hour to our house, and then set it up so the kids could jump as soon as school was over.  We are all very thankful to him!

Now I'm just soaking up the pure joy on their faces...

Sometimes, you just need to do the splits in the air.

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