Friday, May 31, 2013

The Graduate

Not the movie from the late 60's...this is the Kindergarten kind of graduate.  I can hardly believe my littlest one is moving on to first grade.  He's becoming a "grader" as Ava liked to call it back when she was his age.

First all the kids sang some great songs including one from Charlotte's Web that I had never heard before but fell in love with.  It's called "We've Got Lots in Common."

We took lots of pictures, then headed home for some gifts followed by a special lunch.

I can't get over how handsome my little guy is.  That smile!  Those dark eyes!  Most of all there is a sweetness and a joy for life that oozes out of him.  I'm proud of his great year in Kindergarten and look forward to what next year brings.

And for your listening enjoyment- that super cute song I mentioned above...

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Lindsay said...

Precious! Watch out First grade!