Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 13th...Through History

June 13.

19 years ago on this date, I was 2 months away from having my life forever altered.  I met Cody in August at a meeting for the 40 students who were headed to study abroad in London with Harding University.  I was immediately attracted to the strong and silent vibe he was radiating.  I think he liked my eyebrows.  Don't knock them.  Eyebrows are important.  He may have also thought I had the most gorgeous hair ever.

15 years ago on this date, Cody and I were married before a small crowd at Preston Road Church of Christ in Dallas.  It was a simple, but beautiful wedding...just what I wanted.  We were surrounded by family and friends.

10 years ago on this date, we were a new family of 3.  Little Ava Beth had come along just a few months earlier and we were adjusting to life as parents.  That wasn't such a easy adjustment.  Cody and I had a lot of great adventures during our years of marriage without children, but this was certainly the greatest adventure yet.

5 years ago on this date, we escaped our THREE children for an anniversary trip to Banff, Canada.  It was tough to leave these little cuties behind for a few days.  Just look at their sweet faces!  There was a time when we had a 5, 3, and 1 year old.  Those were very crazy times.

Today on this date, we are celebrating 15 years of marriage.  There have been good times, and very hard times.  And I can honestly say I love and appreciate Cody more today at this moment than ever before.  He has loved me unconditionally and helped me become a stronger, more faithful daughter of God.  He has poured out love on our children, and blessed them beyond measure.  I am so thrilled to call him my husband.  Happy Anniversary, honey!

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Lindsay said...

Happy Anniversary! Such an amazing couple. The imperfect times are tough, but somehow make the road so beautiful - I guess that is the point where we let God take over. I can tell in that last picture! Love you both.